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mardi 4 juin 2013

Ensures information about the companies' net temporary employment.

In France in 2013. Financial guarantee from a temporary employment agency  
A temporary employment agency must demonstrate a financial guarantee 
to cover the salaries and benefits of the interim in case of business failure.  
This warranty is represented by a written guarantee commitment 
by a mutual guarantee company, an insurance company or a financial institution.  
For 2013, the amount calculated based on the annual turnover of the company, 
may not be less than € 116,910 (against € 114,506 in 2012).
Published on 28/12/2012 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information 
(Prime Minister) Decree No. 2012-1439 of 21 December 2012, OJ of 23 December 2012
  (KKR) Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Portfolio Partners
Intelligence Ltd.
HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Year of Investment: 2010

One of the leading comprehensive recruitment services providers in Japan, 
operating in three of the industry’s key business lines: Permanent Job Placement, 
Job Advertising Media, and Temporary Staffing/Outsourcing.

Petraeus passes from the CIA to the investment fund KKR
Petraeus, the former CIA director,
was recruited by the investment fund KKR
to lead an institute of economic forecasts.
Jean Bernard Cadier | New York correspondent
On 31/05/2013 at 7:30 AM

Ensures information about the companies' net temporary employment.
Experience: Analysis, Business Intelligence & Competitive Intelligence, Eco. 
06/03/2012 Robert Walters France ISO9001 certified 
(; Submitted by stephan1104 March 6, 2012 - 16:37)

Robert Walters France and its subsidiary dedicated to temporary expert "Walters People" got

ISO 9001 certification. A guarantee of quality which rewards the group's activity, recognized as a leading specialist recruitment.

As a reminder, ISO 9001 is an international standard that ensures quality management developed  

by the company, according to very specific requirements: relevance of the proposed service 
and the services provided, attention to customer needs and candidates, the coherence management system, regulatory compliance,potential for improvement, etc..

This award is part of the long line of certifications by Robert Walters internationally.  

Since 1994, the London offices, the Netherlands, Belgium
Ireland and Luxembourg each have their turn been certified ISO 9001.  
Not to mention the dual certification of London and Amsterdam,  
also holders of ISO 14001 on environment.

About Robert Walters 
World reference specialist recruitment, Robert Walters operates permanent recruitment, interim management and career management in the following areas: Finance, Banking, Consulting, Financial Services Group, Human Resources, Engineering, Information Systems , Insurance, Real Estate, Sales & Marketing. Created in London in 1985, the Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2000 and has an international presence with 47 offices in 23 countries.

01/03/2012 Adecco,, 
removes more than 8% of its workforce, or 530 of the 6,300 positions it has in France, 
"no layoffs". (Source:, Challenges). 
The Adecco Group in France announces plans to meet under the Adecco brand, 
its two networks Adia and Adecco to give his organization 
"Temporary Employment and Recruitment" a new impetus. 
See the Press Release.

 01/03/2012 Michael Page and Michael Page Interim Management 
Launch Page Online: an extranet platform to serve customers and temporary
 (Http://; stephan1104 Submitted by March 1, 2012 - 23:20)
Neuilly-sur-Seine, March 1, 2012
By reducing the volume exchanges between Michael Page Michael Page Interim Management, 
their customers and temporary, Page Online simplifies management 
of human resources, relationships and temporary work contracts. 

Operational from 1 March 2012
Page Online is the only platform to offer non-pay as a set of extended features dedicated securemanagement of contracts, invoices and time sheets for temporary. 
The originality of the platform is to be accessible both by client companies by temporary workers.  
A major benefit of Online page for its customers is a table showing the global reporting various actions 
to be takenand allowing to have an overview of the interim position.
"To complement our qualitative approach to the craft of acting, 
Page Online brings a new value-added service to our agency and our customers," said Isabelle Bastide, Managing Director of Michael Page. "As part of temporary work, applied to documents dematerialization HR results for allStakeholders - TTE, customers and temporary - by real time savings, productivity and process improvement. 
Beyond these direct benefits, this process of dematerialisation is also in the broader context CSR policy of our company by helping our customers to move towards the paperless. 
"Features and Benefits Online PageSaves time, secure archiving, automated volume management, traceabilityinformation, management tool and control system, these are the main advantages of page Online.  
The platform also offers:· A personalized and secure access by creating a personal account protected 
by login and password· Signature cloud contracts, extensions and amendments· 
The consultation of the history of contracts (copies of contracts already signed)· 
Consultation online invoices and time sheets related to contracts· Electronic archiving contracts dematerialized· A validation workflow of timesheets entered by temporary, with the possibility of validating two· Automatic integration of the timesheets in the payroll software after validation of the customer and the ability to make corrective statements· 
An online support via phone or mail.Platform Online is an independent page.  
Dedicated exclusively to customers and Interim Staff Page and Michael Page International Management, it guarantees the protection of personal information. 
To assist customers and temporary workers in the adoption and daily use of this new tool, 
Page Online offers telephone support and email.

24/02/2012 INTER CONSULTING takes Traveco ((Source 
Approximation of temporary working groups Traveco, temporary working group, has just been taken over by Inter-Council, temporary employment agency, following the approval of competition authorities.Traveco occurs particularly in the construction industry through a forty branches.Inter-Council, recruitment group founded in 1995 in Metz, unfolds in France and Luxembourg in the sectors of industry, transport and logistics, chemicals, in the service sector, in cars, in the Building and public works. 
This operation aims to promote synergies between two complementary groups.  
The new group is present throughout France (62 agencies) and realizes a turnover of € 160M. 

15/02/2012 Hays releases its study of national pay 
(Submitted by IndiceRH Feb 15. 2012 - 21:48 
The second edition of the National Hays salary survey just published in 2012, a tendency to be cautious recruitmentParis, February 15, 2012.  
The recruitment firm Hays publishes the second edition of its National pay, in partnership with Mobipocket. This study, available on 25 specialized trades Hays, shows that the year 2012 will be characterized by caution more pronounced business, both in terms of pay and recruitment. 
Less than 70% of companies will hire new employees in 2012, when they were 83% in 2011. 

More dynamic sectors in 2012 despite the stabilization of wages and recruitments According Hays, certain areas should still hold their own game and give prominence to recruitment. 
The IT & Telecoms remains a growth sector for example in employment, 
 because the functions of this area have a place increasingly predominant within companies.  
Candidates specializing in technology in the field of operating systems for example 
can expect a salary of about 10% higher than that prevailing in the market. Similarly, 
 posts will be created in the Finance & Accounting, as these professions have a key strategy 
for companies, particularly in reducing costs of an external service.Pay: 
an issue central to hiring and retaining employees.
The study also highlights the importance of compensation to attract candidates and retain top employees. Beyond salary, the various compensation components play a major role in the perception of corporate culture, and may affect the decision of a candidate during a job search.  
The remuneration policy can also be crucial for businesses wanting to fill a poor image of certain professions and sectors. Indeed, for 60% of customers surveyed by Hays, the shortage of candidates
 is the major difficulty encountered during their recruitment. 
Sectoral expertise trends compensation through a specific methodology. 
Through this study, Hays analyzes the wage levels in the 25 sectors for which experts are recruiting, 
for all trades in them. Hays shares its expertise through pay scales, made on the basis of investments made for clients. Information on careers and training preferred by companies enrich the analysis.  
The study was supplemented by a presentation of possible discrepancies between the salaries 
in the Ile-de-France and regions.All study data are compensation and a dashboard valuable for policy makers and leaders in the implementation of their human resources policy. 
About the national salary survey from HaysThe study of Hays 2012 national wage aims to provide 
an overview of the labor market and compensation practices through pay scales. 
The first part of the study, conducted with the participation of 1,300 corporate clients, this overall trends 
in recruitment, and proposes a focus on several specific current HR topics such as gender or disability within the company.  
The second part includes a detailed analysis of the market and reports on levels of remuneration charged by each sector. Through a thorough analysis of its 25 areas of expertise, 
Hays brings a real guide to recruitment.About Hays:Hays is the leading global specialist recruitment.  
We are the experts to recruit qualified and competent professionals worldwide.
 Each year we recruit 60 000 190 000 interim candidates and on behalf of thousands of businesses 
in the private and public, on permanent positions, fixed term, temporary work and contracting. 
The combination of our expertise across a range of specializations, 
 professions and sectors makes us a recruiter unmatched in the world of work.Hays France 
now has over 450 employees located in 15 cities 
(Paris, Bordeaux, Dijon, Lyon, Lille, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nancy, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Tours, Rennes, Rouen ) covering 25 specialized occupations and sectors. media recruitment, this Internet, Mobile, 
Tablet and Connected site is for over 20 years, the rendezvous of employment. 
For executives, managers and associate professionals, is dedicated allow recruiters to find the best candidates and candidates increasingly qualified. 
Leader of employment sites to private managers and executives, maximizes throughout the year, its visibility to candidates with a plan communication display, radio, print, online and in salons and forums.


Manpower and AFPA play the card of alternation: A path of excellence for career security(Http://; Submitted by IndiceRH Jan. 17 2012 - 13:37) 
In 2010, Manpower and AFPA launched an operation to train and fit 300 people, 
primarily young people, through skills training, alternating on different trades. 
 Fifteen months later, 316 contracts have been mounted by Manpower, the training being provided 
in the campus of the AFPA throughout France.These symbolize the will of Francoise Gri, 
President of ManpowerGroup France and Southern Europe and Philippe Caila, 
Director General of the AFPA (National Association for Vocational Training of Adults) 
to strengthen collaboration between the two networks.
 "Manpower and the AFPA work together for many years and wished to engage in the path of sustainable integration. 
Manpower, the alternation is concrete! "Said Thierry Vaudelin, 
Head of Department Training Manpower France."Every operation involves four partners: 
a young, Manpower, AFPA and a host company," says Vincent Hider, 
Business Manager Large Accounts at AFPA. 
Manpower has recruited and evaluated candidates in collaboration with AFPA, 
and developed the engineering of the device. 
 AFPA meanwhile, has trained.Several contracts have been implemented, 
such as professional contract, the CDPI (Professional Development Interim Agreement), 
or the CIPI (Interim Contract for Professional Integration), 
but also actions of job seekers in partnership with employment center and some regional councils.
Each course has been validated by a title or a recognized qualification.
If young people were the primary target of this device, the unemployed, workers with disabilities 
and senior citizens were also involved.  
End of December 2011, 316 persons are engaged or who had completed a course, including 114 youth.All sectors were affected: the aviation maintenance officer, the driver gear, pipefitter-welder, electrician, operator of CNC machine, carpenter, driver, laminator mold maker, formwork bancheur, payroll manager , customer service advisor at a distance, etc ..."
This training allowed me to expand my knowledge in electronics, to develop my sense of responsibility and autonomy within my company. Also with the group we had a warm welcome. 
During the first three weeks we stayed in the same workshop, 
and in order to facilitate our integration and a good group cohesion.  
Then it evolved into a different workshop each with a tutor to guide us and teach us the proper techniques, the requirement of the trade. I am currently awaiting a response to CSD 
at the end of training. I would recommend this course without any problems to other candidates. 

 "Said Clement Duronsoy, 24, currently serving in professional contract as" Editor in Electronics Cabler "within the company Matra Electronique. 
This partnership will continue in 2012 with the aim to promote employability of young people. 
About Manpower France:Organized as a network of 767 offices, 
Manpower France - France ManpowerGroup brand - offers solutions for temporary employment 
and recruitment at CDI-CSD more90 000 business customers (SMBs, large French and international), 
in all sectors. Height of 4,400 permanent employees, 
Manpower France has achieved a turnover of 3.9 billion euros in 2010.In 2011, 
Manpower has trained more than 30,000 temporary employees including nearly 3,000 contracts.
 For more information on Manpower France, visit www.manpower.frAbout the AFPA: 
With over 170,000 people trained each year, the AFPA (National Association for Adult Vocational Training) is over 60 years, the first training company assets in France.  
It offers a wide range of training tailored to the needs of all assets.  
Major player in the alternation, the AFPA accompanies the job training: integration, restructuring, professionalization.

The AFPA is also the first training organization for disabled workersFor more information about AFPA, visit
 January 6, 2012 -  
Randstad up digital innovation at the heart of its HR strategy by moving to Google Apps;  
(Http:// 20entreprises%) 
We are pleased to welcome as guest of the day Béharel Francis, President of Randstad France, 
which recently passed Google Apps to all its employees at headquarters and in all locations in France.
 "For Randstad France, make the choice of cloud computing is placing digital innovation 
at the heart of our HR strategy. It is also a response to new forms of work organization based 
on openness and rapid exchange of information.  
As we know, the future is collaborative projects in a context where more and more people need to be mobile. 
 Efficiencies and productivity to meet our challenges of competitiveness and promote sustainable development.
In recent weeks, so we opted for the Google Apps for Business 
(including Gmail, GTalk, Google Calendar, 
Google Docs, Google Video and Google Sites) for all our employees, 
and deployed the e-mail service from Google as a unique tool for the 7000 group messaging.  
Simple to use and ergonomic, these 100% web applications are now accessible to all employees 
at any time and from any terminal.
Following Google Apps has an ideal response to the outbreak 
in our network that has 900 branches throughout France Randstad and mobility of much of the management and employees. 
Indeed, it facilitates teamwork and remote collaboration. 
For example, two employees, one located at the Group headquarters in Paris and another 
in a provincial agency, can work on one document and track changes to one and the other 
in real time their respective screens. The suite also new internal communication tools, 
such as voice and video chat or video conference with a dozen people.Moreover, the Google will allow us to achieve very significant savings: eventually, we plan to reduce our costs by 40% of email and office automation.We even decided to go further to structure speech managerial network by equipping our managers and application shelves to enable them to manage their business more flexible and efficient. 
For example: make or change appointments, see the indicators of an agency, determine the themes at a meeting.  
The tablet is a tool for mobility and usability that changes everything in terms of interpersonal relationships. " 

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