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mardi 20 janvier 2015

AXA Seed Factory: a dedicated seed fund for innovative start-ups

In June 2013, AXA France announced the creation of a seed fund with an initial capital of ten million euros, specialized for digital services that will impact the future of insurance and banking businesses. Eighteen months later, the AXA Seed Factory achieves its fourth investment in the SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) area. Overview of its portfolio.
The fund operates as a holding to help experienced entrepreneurs launch new disruptive idea. It also acts as a business incubator that co-invests with Business Angels or Venture Capital Funds in innovative start-ups that have strong synergies between them and helps them unite their resources.

January 2015 - FLYR

The algorithms developed by this San Francisco-based startup company enabling airfare predictions up to 120 days in advance could revolutionize the travel and travel insurance markets. FLYR, Inc. is a data science company first conceived to relieve a universal pain point among travelers the guessing game of booking airfares. While previous prediction solutions only allowed for basic forecasts on a route-by-route basis, the Foresight engine produces a comprehensive set of prediction data down to the individual flight.
> Read the press release
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> View the demo

November 2014 - Widmee

Widmee is the editor of the first turnkey solution intended for insurtech companies to optimize their digital prospection. This cloud platform allows the generation of qualified leads based on the collection and analysis of smart data. It also improves transformation rates by pushing a personalized offer to the prospects using the best channel.
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October 2014 - Particeep

Particeep is a software editor that allows funding and crowdfunding actors to create their own white label investment portal. This solution allows them to easily manage capital, loan and gift transactions and enable them to save money on hardware investment with easy-to-use technology which simplifies daily management and IT monitoring of financing operations from selection to exit.
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September 2014 - FundShop

FundShop is an online platform designed by SupportFi SAS. The platform assists individual investors in managing their savings and helps them to build an optimal portfolio depending on their profile.
> Read the press release (in French)
> Access the website

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